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Terms and Conditions

Medals UK Limited: Terms and Conditions

These terms of conditions apply to all account orders

This declaration is our (The Supplier Medals UK Limited) interpretation of the order. If this does not agree with your instruction please notify us immediately. No responsibility will be accepted for goods as confirmed and later found to be incorrect.

We will not be responsible for any loss arising due to non-availability of materials, failure to deliver arising to from strikes, fires or accidents or other cause over which we have no control.

When goods have to be specifically manufactured. We the Supplier reserve the right to deliver up to 10% above or below the quantity ordered.

Should orders be cancelled we reserve the right to charge for any special process or materials, which have been made or purchased, prior to receipt in writing of cancellation details.

Clerical errors are subject to correction.

Failure to pay for any goods on the due date shall give us the right to withhold further deliveries until such payments has been made or at an option to cancel the balance of the order.

All prices quoted are subject to adjustment or variations in Rate of Exchange between date of acceptance of the order and the dates of delivery and/or invoicing in consequences of any change of VAT, Import Duties, or other Levies or Taxes. Such adjustments do not give the customer the right to cancel the order.

Legal ownership of the goods invoiced will remain with the Supplier until the goods have been paid for. The buyer shall return the goods to the Supplier on demand and the Supplier shall be entitled to go upon the property of the buyer and re-possess the goods.

Claims for incorrect fulfilment of the order must be made within seven days of invoicing, and within ten days of receipt of relevant invoice if delivered by common carriers.

Terms of Trading are 30 days Net, unless otherwise agreed and confirmed in writing.